Rosalind Wyatt

Rosalind Wyatt – The String of Stories

“Every story begins with some inspiration. And a word that gives birth to a whole new world.”

In a workshop in London where the most beautiful stories of the East and the Western world vibrate and blend together, Rosalind Wyatt calls and weaves the most original stories. The love of woven words stories began in childhood, at school - an unusual school where meditation, Sanskrit and the old Indian fairy tales took place in the soul of the artist towards her fascination for words. Sanskrit writings looked like paintings. Where the brush drew words, the lines vibrated ... They even lived!

Rosalind's art extends from the calligraphy of words, to the paintings that capture a touch of nature’s soul, to words woven on textiles. Each work is unique and starts from a simple, inspirational word. And in every work, the body, heart and mind work together and create a unique artistic imprint. One that harmonises the artist with art and art with the viewer, further, in an intimate relationship. The body, says the artist, is an important tool in the process of creation. Prepare him, balance him, and he transposes what the heart and the inspiration dictates.

“In the end, life is a concert hall, and your song harmonises you, even when you lose for a moment the harmony.”

Sometimes, the inspiration comes from the memories that the mind imparts to them, and the brush puts them on the cloth. And the fabric ... is the most intimate and moving cloth you can ever print. Every piece of cloth has a story, an origin. It was carried close to the skin and nothing is more intimate than that.

In Rosalind's life, art has the same purpose as meditation and the reason for teaching philosophy: self-discovery. When you know who you are and what’s your purpose in life, you can give your people, in your entirety, your art. And this is perhaps one of the most beautiful ways to live.

If you want to find out more about Rosalind’s work, you can see more here.

Photos and Video: Matei Plesa
Text: Ioana Hurjui