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The old crafts were not always passed on by the contemporary artisans. In a small workshop from Bucharest, the passion for steampunk masks feeds on their creator’s, Pavel, youth.

Pavel’s passion story started back in his childhood years, in the summers he spent in his father’s workshop. Fast forward to his student life, the young craftsmen decides to exchange his unsuitable desk job with the love for the Steampunk movement after he received a few special leather bags from his father. With these bags, he also discovered the steampunk masks and a very powerful attraction towards these types of items.

Same as every card destiny deals us, Pavel learnt more about his craft after he met someone unexpectedly who made steampunk masks - the person who offered him the first lessons for making them and the first mask pattern.

Two months later, the first mask was finished and he was certain that this is the path he wants to go on to invest his time, passion and money. The story of each product starts with the pattern. The eyes of the craftsmen approximate how the pieces will work together and depending if he likes it or not, this will influence his decision: will he continue the process or start all over again?

This paths was not easy, but even in the darkest hour when the masks were not selling at all, Pavel did not abandon his craft and he moved passed that with patience, confidence and some marketing strategies to compliment his work.

Today, Pavel has been a full on Steampunk mask and bag creator for over 3 years. Each piece is a new challenge, from design to idea to mixing leather and brass in a harmonious way. The process is not always easy, but the young craftsmen sees today in his mind all the possibilities that each product and the way it looks bring. When you understand that passion doesn’t always make you rich, the path to craftsmanship is smooth and settled. Every big journey starts with a step.            


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Foto/Video: Cristian Ioan
Text: Ioana Hurjui