Fascinația Meșteșugului was born out of an infinite affection for the ancient Romanian craftsmanship. It grew into a story about traditional craftsmanship anywhere local craftsmen proudly pass their legacy on.  Born out of dedication and hard work, carefree and persevering, the old crafts are translated into impressive life stories and soulful objects.

The series of documentary stories produced by Matei Pleşa shows craft’s mysteries and stories. It also supports true values and ensures the continuity of Romanian and foreign craftsmanship. 
Fascinația Meșteșugului is a project for young creatives with a predilection for traditional craft that want to pass this legacy on. 

We believe in the power of every community and we are open for craftsmen recommendation that can inspire through their stories. We also appreciate any brand that wants to get involved and support this project and its stories.



Matei Plesa

Project founder and video producer with a surprising artistic integrity and maturity. A versatile artist who brings a distinctive note to each video production. His impressive portfolio covers everything from presenting video productions for different technology launch events to music videos with millions of views.


Brindusa Inocan

Co-founder and project manager, showcasing a mix of marketing, strategy creation, event organisation and photography skills which she developed over 8 years of activity. Brindusa is here to ensure the project continuity.


Ioana Hurjui

With over 10 years of experience in copywriting and a passion for fine arts and art expression, she worked for clients such as British American Tobacco, Skittles, Ford, Microsoft, Samsung, Procter & Gamble, Avon, Old Spice, Parmalat, Bayer and Toyota. This experiences offered her the opportunity to take her writing passion to the next level in ATL, BTL and integrated projects.


Cristian Ioan

Friend and collaborator, Cristian creates a perfect mix between film production and photography with unique results which do not compromise the human aspect of his work. In 2017 he was named by World Photo Organisation one of the 50 best portrait photographers in the world. His skills and craft help us integrate the craftsmen stories into the contemporary world. You can follow his work on www.cristianioan.ro    


We are very happy and are grateful to all those who have written about the story of our project and of the craftsmen who keep alive some of the rare crafts. Every word we read encourages us to continue, promote and support the traditional values hat pull our sap from our crafts.

Get involved!

Our aim is to continue to support the values and secrets of traditional crafts, the craftsman and artisan stories. We want to ensure the continuity of traditions be it Romanian or international. We strongly believe in the power of the community and we are always open to recommendations of craftsmen who could inspire others through their story, as well as partners or sponsors who would like to offer financial support to our project and the values it promotes.

Through your support, we can ensure the continuity of Romanian traditions, by preserving them and offering the craftsmen the opportunity to showcase their art and receive the appreciation they deserve.