Dana Buf's studio is located somewhere in the heart of the December 21, 1989 street in Cluj. Suspended in a time loop, in an Victorian building with wooden doors, the studio breathes passion for a noble craft though a simple tradition: hand knitting.

Dana Buf knits beautiful stories for years. She took her inspiration and passion from her aunt who was always knitting cozy sweaters every winter. For Dana, knitting transformed from a hobby into a way of living.   
With patience, dedication and hard work, she switched from making ripped embroidered jeans in college to work for the biggest fashion houses in the world, where Dana's skill was appreciated for the speed of execution and the quality of work that was coming out of her hands.

In her studio, wherever you look, you can see knits and materials stretched across the room. Some are work in progress, others are already finished. Here, every knitted piece comes to life.

Photos/Video: Matei Plesa
Text: Ioana Hurjui