We visited Andrei Garb's modest workshop on an ordinary Saturday. As we entered, we could hear the silence in the room where two large ceramic furnaces silently sleep. The smell of unprocessed clay in the room preserves secrets of an ancient Romanian craft, one that is still passed on for centuries: ceramics.

Andrei Gârbă passes on a family legacy, one that belongs to him as much as is it belongs to the city of Cluj. In the well-lit workshop full of ceramics, you can feel how the young man's passion brings to life each object. The ceramist's craft draws its roots from his story further creating new ones with patience and talent. 

The ceramist imprints some of his wisdom in each clay piece that he then molds through an ancient tradition until a new object full of personality and soul is brought to life.

The ceramics maker puts life in his white clay story, and every work that comes out of his studio lives its own life, one born from the values f one of the most beautiful Romanian crafts. 

Photos/Video: Matei Plesa
Text: Ioana Hurjui