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88 goods
88 goods


It took some courage to start 88 GOODS three years ago. Catinca’s story starts in her childhood, when she started making clothes for her dolls.

In time she developed a fondness for the leather pieces from her father’s leather goods workshop and from the leather bags she created 8 years ago. Year after year, the leather craftsmanship grew on Catinca so much that it materialised into a chic workshop where she sews her passion onto leather for her clients.

The path the leather goods craftswoman behind 88 Goods inspires young artists to follow their dreams and passions and not give up on the thing that brings joy into their lives, even if they started following the same path as her later on in life. A little star dust never hurts - but it gives you a kickstart.

“Everything was child’s play. I was stubborn as a child and didn’t wanted to take “NO”, “You’re not allowed!” or “it’s not possible” for an answer. I somehow created a world of my own in which you could always find a solution for everything. I think it’s really important to be able to express yourself, to leave something behind, to not live in vain. Of course, as any creative, I have worked in a corporation and I have worked for someone else. But a time came where I felt like I was suffocating. I felt unhappy with my life, I felt I can do more. My inner voice guided me on the path that I am now, even though in the beginning it was on an unconscious level and I wasn’t sure where I am going with this. But I felt I needed to break the chains holding me and I was confident that everything will turn out ok.”

What makes each product unique is the amount of details and energy that went into it. The immeasurable respect for leather craftsmanship and craftsmen who know how to sew, to cut, to prepare the leather for sewing and to sew it until the bag reaches its final form, all of this makes Catinca be fearless when it comes to admit the craft secrets that she “stole” from others.

“The craftsman is the human who makes everything by hand, who gives life to a product.” Any 88 Goods product has a dream behind it, a need, a desire. It can be a unique product, or a product born out of the joy of creating. The process starts on the drawing board - the sketch becomes a pattern, and the pattern becomes a finished product with mixed materials and accessories.

Once tailored, assembled, sewn and polished, the leather becomes a bag that brings joy to the person wearing it.

The leather goods craftsmanship of Catinca is not only unique because of the passion that fuels it, but also because of the heart and soul she pours into her work, and the use of her gifted hands.   

No matter how many hours of work stand behind each leather bag from 88 Goods, the final result has a unique imprint of Catinca’s creativity.


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Foto: Cristian Ioan
Text: Ioana Hurjui

88 goods