The shoemaker- Ioan Muresan

We all have such a craftman in our town. I don’t think there are many shoemakers left and I don’t know how many of you are still their clients. We know that many years ago good quality shoes were hard to find and were expensive, but when a heel was broken we would take it to be repaired. Nowadays? We buy others, we have them instantly and are more accessible than ever before.


We filmed the documentary at the end of February 2012. It was a spontaneous decision, almost an accident. I was heading home passing by Museum Square when I saw a written sign: „shoe repairs”. I thought about going inside and I did. There were a man and a lady who were repairing shoes, I introduced myself, I told them I am a student and that I would like to film a documentary for university.
I filmed in silence for a couple of hours, without many words, without changing anything. I wanted to capture mister Ioan Mureșan and his employees in their most natural state. I was captured by that atmosphere, from the workspace, repairing tools, light, everything. Their little workshop was full with all types of shoes, on some shelves were the repaired ones and on the others were the broken ones.


I am thankful to mister Ioan Mureșan for given me this opportunity!
In case your favourite shoes are broken, don’t hesitate to go to the shoemaker in your city!

Article by: Brîndușa Inocan