It is said that each hammer hit on the anvil is a step ahead towards civilization.
Many years ago there were at least three-four farriers in each village, but now rarely you can encounter one. Once the agriculture became automatic and people moved to cities, there were few horses left. In time the guild of farriers might become history.


We strongly wished to find a farrier and thanks to Em Iova we found one close to Oradea. His name is Ardelean Mihai from Tinca, Râpa village. He is a usual peasant with a modest, hard working and beautiful family who had many difficulties in life who left several traces on their hands and faces.


The documentary was filmed at the end of July in 2012 and it wasn’t easy at all, on the contrary, it was probably the most difficult documentary to be filmed. No matter how hard we tried to make him share secrets of blacksmithery we didn’t succeed. We tried for an entire day to get some material but he was too shy and too modest. Maybe it was our fault, as we confused the entire family because of being 4 of us filming and photographing. They weren’t used to such things and the shy children asked us if they would appear on television.


His workshop was built out of soil and it was extremely small, poetical and authentic. We could see how the horseshoe got its form while being shaped by the hammers’ hit. Without saying anything we followed the entire process made by the farrier.

It was an extraordinary experience lived together with Ardelean family and my small team: Em Iova, Mădălina and Brîndușa.


Article by: Brîndușa Inocan