Matei Plesa, videograf, Cluj-Napoca, Romania, fotograf

Matei Pleșa


Talking a lot is not his strength, but he always has the final word. He is the initiator and the videographer of the project. He conceives, thinks and crafts each episode of the documentaries series. Besides from filming he also takes pictures.

Inocan Brindusa Augusta, fotograf, romania, Cluj-Napoca, marketing, online

Brândușa Inocan


She likes travelling, driving and coffee. Here on the website she orders and polishes ideas, texts and everything that has to do with online. Offline she is a photographer and assistant.


Alexandra Crăciun


Alexandra likes to say that she paints by using words. We like to think that she makes stories come to light through the craft of words. She writes and thinks the communication of the project in an exquisite way.


Cristina Nenea


She plays the game of imagination, but her contribution is technical. Isn’t that paradoxical? She doesn’t bring the news, but she surely brings the stories. Then she translates them to the universal language of the „global village”: english.

emanuil iova, em iova, emi, fotograf, Cluj, romania, Cluj-Napoca

Emanuil iova


Having a happy atitude, he chose photography as a profesion and works for us as an assistant. Therefore the best shootings are like that due to his help.

Loot, design studio, bucuresti, romania, grafica, logo


Gaphic Designer

Ana-Maria and Stelian or our favourite creatives from Bucharest as we call them. Our project will proudly have the logo created by them spread on a variety of platforms like our site, Facebook, Youtube and whenever else is necesarry.