About our project

About the project

The fascination of Craft is an independent project initiated by the young videographer Matei Pleșa who wants to produce a series of motivational documentaries about passion, perseverance, craft and continuity. The project has begun due to the desire of showing and promoting: old crafts, Romanian values that are more and more rare, forgotten or underappreciated. We want to motivate people, to tell life stories that are much more than just impressive as there are some words, facts or things that can make a difference.

Also through this project we want to sustain and motivate young creatives who focus on crafts and who work passionately and enthusiastically. The documentaries will cover a large variety of subjects and consequently we will refer to both traditional and „modern” craftsmen (as we call them).

Why the Romanian craft?

The gradual disappereance of the crafts makes the authenticity and the national identity to fade away. We want through this artistic documentaries to motivate youngsters, wether it is about craft or any other passion as in the end each success arises from hard work, devotion and passion. An authentic craftman puts all his faith, work and passion in every object that he creates. Nowadays we rarely encounter young people that continue the craft, but through this project we want to demonstrate that crafts and the romanian craftsmen stories are worth of our attention.

How it started

Initially, it made its debut in 2012 as the project was called ”Little craftsmen” with its first episode: ”The Shoemaker”. Everything has started because of ”BassTatoo” documentary where Matei had the chance to discover his passion for fascinating imagery and documentary filmmaking. It was a question of passion combined with hard work in order to obtain the best results: both coming from our side as well as the artists’. ”The Shoemaker” episode had at least for us, an unbelievable success, and with the help of our friends from the media it was distributed in 5 online publications as well as shared for numerous times on the social media.

Due to the desire of self challenge, after a couple of months he shot another episode, this time much more complex: “The Luthier- Janos Markus Barbarossa”. For now it is the most viewed and appreciated documentary of all that we accomplished until now. It has appeared not only in the Romanian press, but also in 15 international online publications. After that, 2 more episodes have followed: ”The Ferrier” and ”Lorinczi Gyorgy – Luthier”. Due to technical reasons we took a break for several months, but in the end we made an upgrade and renamed it to ”The Fascination of Craft”.

For obvious reasons, at least for us, we changed the name of the project because in the end the story cannot be about ”little craftsmen” as we used to call them, but about ”the great craftsmen” or even ”talented craftsmen”.

Through this project we don’t want to present the best craftsmen from each guild, neither to classify them, but to search for those who are talented, passionate and have a life lesson to share.

As we are constantly searching for the most passionate craftsmen, you can send us your suggestions in the contact form.

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